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"Never Give Up" (E-book)

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Andreas F Gieswinkel | Engels | 192 pagina's

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I am a re-born Christian who has seen much of the world's misery. I am a young man who, apart from kidnapping, has already experienced everything. A young man who has moved 64 times and sees his house as a place to sleep. Having difficulty recognizing it as his home. Who speaks different languages and is qualified in 11 subjects. I'm a boy who can do a lot, but keeps me in the background because of embarrassment. And even though I always look for people around me, and often look for confirmation, I go my own way and make my own decisions. I'm a man who doesn't need anyone, but doesn't want to be alone. I am a person with many contradictions. For some I am an arrogant bastard, for others a good friend. I am not the person who determines it, but I always do my best to be polite, friendly and a charmer. Enemy or friend.



  • Auteur(s)Andreas F Gieswinkel
  • UitgeverijMijnbestseller B.V.


"Never Give Up" (E-book)
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