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Hey, Are You Okay? (Paperback)

Love, hope and a step-by-step-guide out of burnout, depression, anxiety (or whatever your rough times are called)

Why are so many books on burn-out and depression printed in small grey letters, as I could hardly read? Once better, Illustrator Marieke hand-drew her own bestselling step-by-step guide. 25.000+ sold

Marieke de Goeij | Engels | 228 pagina's

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Depression, Anxiety, Burnout? Whatever your breakdown is called, you're feeling bad. You might already be seeing a psychologist or coach but still... what do you do when you're at home on the couch? That's where this book comes in!

It's a book of things to DO

Full of all the tips, tricks, activities and stories that truly helped me back on my feet (I, Marieke, have done everything in this book myself)

It's Handillustrated

'Cause reading is often just impossible with a head full of thoughts!

With love, hope and empty space..

For all your notes and thoughts. 'Cause this is your journey.

‘Hey Are You Okay’ can be a daily guide for anyone with a burn-out or depression. It's a beautiful gift for someone yourself, a loved one or family member that’s going through difficult times. Until now, the book has helped over 25.000 people, and got raving reviews by psychologists, mental health institutes as well as people recovering through the book.

Marieke lives in Amsterdam with her husband Lars and her son Finn (5). The book is now being published in Australia, USA and UK.

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  • Auteur(s)Marieke de Goeij
  • UitgeverijMarieke De Goeij Illustratie
  • ImprintMarieke de Goeij Illustratie


Hey, Are You Okay? (Paperback)
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